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Any person whose name was entered in such register was called a Registered Accountant. With the project now in operation, rice is grown in the dry season. All of this is obvious enough, but frequently it is tricky business.

You can use the technique in a wide variety of situations. This reduces the income-since the manager must be paid a salary-but it is a sensible choice. Answer the seller knows exactly how much each potential customer is willing to pay and will charge accordingly.

I can say its a one stop solution to all CA students requirement. Of course, this applies only in economic analysis; the problem does not arise in financial analysis. There is an extensive and complex literature on secondary costs and benefits that specifically addresses this analytical approach.

In reply to this request, Sri Aurobindo gave him the emblem with a Garudathe mythical eagle in the centre and a quotation from the Upanishad: One way of avoiding the problem is to view this case as a land settlement project in which the road is a component.

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As in these examples, both increased production and quality improvement are most often expected in agricultural projects, although both may not always be expected. When a farmer pays a tax, his net benefit is reduced. In economic analysis, however, they are considered transfer payments and are omitted from the economic accounts.

The analysis horizon is one year: Consumer demand theory[ edit ] Main article: It would clearly be unrealistic to rest project cost estimates only on these assumptions of perfect knowledge and complete price stability.

Tangible Benefits of Agricultural Projects Tangible benefits of agricultural projects can arise either from an increased value of production or from reduced costs.

Again, it makes no difference what form the subsidy takes. A simple before-and-after comparison would fail to identify this benefit figure An associate member who has been in continuous practice in India or has worked for a commercial or government organisation for at least five years and meets other conditions as prescribed can apply to the Institute to get designated as a "Fellow".

Furthermore, once costs and benefits are known, they must be priced, and their economic values determined.

A grain storage project may make it possible to hold grain from the harvest period, when the price is at its seasonal low, until later in the year when the price has risen. Answer first-degree price discrimination market penetration third-degree price discrimination second-degree price discrimination Question 7 Vacation tours to Europe invariably package visits to disparate regions: This implies that there are many buyers and sellers in the market and none of them have the capacity to significantly influence prices of goods and services.

Pranav Parekh posted on: When home-consumed crops will figure prominently in a project, the importance of careful financial analysis is increased.

This may include an assembly line, a particular machine or a specific job. The combination of measures would not only avoid a loss but also lead to an increase in production. The difference is the incremental net benefit arising from the project investment.

The government has undertaken a large investment to enable farmers to plant Malayan Dwarf coconuts, which are resistant to the disease. By this mechanism, the project leads to an increase in the total amount of final goods and services, which is to say it increases the national income. Company Law covers 60 marks while the remaining part covers 40 marks.

They see every commercial activity other than the final purchase as some form of production. More robust approaches are commonly used for more complex, business-critical or high cost decisions. Elasticity economics Elasticity is the measurement of how responsive an economic variable is to a change in another variable.

The Government of India accepted the recommendation and passed the Chartered Accountants Act in even before India became a republic. The objective of the project is to increase growth by intensifying production.

Of course, no matter what form a tax takes, it is still a transfer payment-whether a direct tax on income or an indirect tax such as a sales tax, an excise tax, or a tariff or duty on an imported input for production. Labor Neither will the labor component of agricultural projects be difficult to identify.

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