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Our sales personnel operate from field locations. Raw material inventories are maintained to meet both current and expected customer demand. Color also changes when seen at different angles. In response to the growing demand for security applications, Applied Films has developed a new process control technology that utilizes its Topbeam electron beam EB web coating system.

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I can't stand listening to loud music. Due mainly to significant raw material cost increases throughout the year, the Company expects Adjusted EPS to finish at the lower end of guidance, excluding the impact of the debt refinancing.

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Fluorescent fibers are distributed randomly throughout the paper to make photocopying and scanning even more difficult. The Portage, Wisconsin, plant operates as a unit of the Appleton plant and produces microcapsules used to manufacture carbonless paper at the Appleton, Roaring Spring and West Carrollton facilities.

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CPA stands for Canadian Payment Association. DocuCheck Watermark® Security Papers provide the highest levels of security available in a; The Canadian Payments Association check clearing standards, MICR Check Paper and.

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Pressure seal checks are sealed through a unique bonding process that does not require water or heat. Patterns of a specially formulated cohesive "glue" become aligned during the folding process.

Pressure seal checks are tightly folded and sealed when processed through a pressure folder/sealer. CHEMICAL TEST SECURITY TM Security Feature. CHEMICAL REACTIVE STAINS DocuCheck ® Chemical-Reactant Stains ~ visible evidence of alteration ~ [covert] DocuCheck ® is a registered trademark owned by Appleton Papers.

Paper stock: 28 DocuCheck Basic Laser Z Fold Payroll Blue Check & Blue Stub (Void & Artificial Watermark) forms per carton. Click here to see the security features of this stock Security Select Quantity. - $ Per - (Total $). SECURE MARK ™ Security Feature. A "True Watermark" is placed into the paper fibers at the time the paper is being manufactured.

To Verify the document is an original, hold up to light to view watermark in the paper.

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DocuCheck by Appleton Papers. Documemt Security Paper Products WITH THIS FEATURE. SP Secure Watermark Paper.

Docucheck watermark security paper
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