Experience at summer camp

Sydney is everything to us and Ramaquois is everything to her. Olympus, taking part in plays like Damn Yankees and Fiddler that we put on. I still have a picture of myself in a too big camp t-shirt. Nicole and Jeff Parents Thanks for helping our son enjoy the trips so much this summer.

The best times of the year, every year. I really enjoy my counselors. This past summer was my first, and certainly will not be my last. Richard Allan Alumnus — 79 I want to take this opportunity to thank you for so many wonderful years at Ramaquois.

He still mentions them now, 5 months later. My friends go every summer. Mike Alumnus I love Camp Ramaquois.

Summer Camp

It is great hearing them talk about their friends and counselors, the trips and all the activities. You think of everything. Ramaquois is a special part of our past, present and future. I love the communication, and most importantly, my daughter feels special when she goes to camp.

Alumna I love Ramaquois because I try new things, and I met a lot of my friends here. Natalie and Arthur are a gift to parents. The memories are cherished and priceless. I am so impressed with the professional, warm and highly spirited atmosphere you have created.

She tried a couple of sleep-aways a few times and enjoyed it but not enough to give up this camp. Camper 8 I love Ramaquois so much!. I envy all the new families with kids starting at Camp Ramaquois.

For an additional charge — This is the best option if your camp audience has discretionary income. Thank you for everything.


The support and care I received as a camper never came to an end even when I became a counselor. I love the communication, and most importantly, my daughter feels special when she goes to camp.

Maria Parent I love this camp. We have every intention to return year after year. This year will be my twelfth summer. Arthur and Natalie, you built an amazing place for lasting memories for a lifetime. I am never going to spend a summer without Ramaquois!.

We are a Rama-Family Forever. Alumna — 29 Ramaquios is the best camp on earth there is no camp better I never want to go to sleep away camp I want to stay here Ruby Camper — 9 Camp Ramaquois has been my summer home for 14 years.

The entire staff is so welcoming and caring, and the campers are awesome, too.


He loves it now. Here are some reasons why offering a VIP experience and possibly charging a higher registration fee for it may be a good idea for your camp… It can raise much needed funds for a special camp project.

The fact that I am still very close with so many people from those years is a testament to how special Ramaquois truly is. Ali Staff Member — 18 The countdown until camp was always so exciting and once I got there it was even better.

I had just turned 5 in April.

Summer Camp

Of all the places my kids go sports, classes, other camps when they were younger, school, etc we have never had a better experience. Ramaquois is my favorite place on Earth and ever summer spent there is times as spectacular as the last.

He was well cared for and best of all he had so much fun. This was his fourth summer at Ramaquois and he loved every minute of it. at Parkview Baptist Schoo l [email protected] SPORTS CAMPS. Seven SPORTS CAMPS AVAILABLE WITH PBS COACHES.

EAGLE EXPERIENCE DAY CAMP. Weekly sessions Starting may Click here to register. Home; Summer Camp; Sports Camps; Enrichment Camps; Parkview Baptist School; Contact Us; Click Here To Register. PARKVIEW BAPTIST SCHOOL. experience camps for grieving children Experience Camps are free one-week camps for boys and girls who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling or primary caregiver.

It's a place where kids can laugh, cry, play, create, remember the person who died, or forget the grief that weighs them down. Experience America provides customized educational tours for students and summer camps across U.S., Canada, and Asia.

We are a student travel company that connects students with each other enhancing their educational and cultural bond for their bright future. Envision is a leading experiential education organization offering students the opportunity to explore their career and life interests while providing them with the leadership development skills and real-world experiences needed to succeed in today’s competitive college and career landscape.

Learn about our summer programs for high school students. Below are 20 ways to offer a VIP experience for a few campers and 20 ways to offer a VIP camp (for all campers). 20 Ways to Offer a VIP Experience Swag Bag – These goody bags might include a special t-shirt and a few popular items from the camp store.

Camp is an amazing experience. The Season just finished, but that means there’s a new experience for ! CAMP RAMAQUOIS IS THE BEST! Jackson (Camper – 11) I would like to thank you very much for providing such a wonderful experience for my son this summer.

Experience at summer camp
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