Regional strategic estimate caucasus

Russian suzerainty over eastern Georgia was officially finalized with Iran in following the Treaty of Gulistan. InRussia committed to support the development of physical protection measures for Armenia's nuclear power reactorand training of site personnel through the IAEA 's Technical Cooperation program.

Contact Us Update the Strategic Estimate for the Caucasus Region based on notional scenario events that have occurred up to December Others have been more general in scope, and were hosted in the Caucasus or outside of the region but attended by representatives from the region.

Army Reserve engineer units. Separatism in Georgia created a space for exploitation of regional nuclear security challenges.

Response to Regional Challenges: Why Strategic Partnership of Azerbaijan and Pakistan is Important?

Update the Strategic Estimate for the Caucasus Region based on notional scenario events that have occurred up to December The Pivot's projection into Central Asia is defined on one side by the Caspian Sea and Caucasus, and on the other side by a mountain range running from Pakistan northeast up to Mongolia and southern Russia.

Department of Energy to deal with the issue. Some indicators of this instability are: Ahurastan declared independence in early Nuclear Threat Initiative, January Georgia was under British protection from — The Free Karabakh Movement FKM has interfered with Azerbaijani police efforts to maintain order in the region and is a growing problem.

The RCTS facilitates many counterterrorism activities in the region, including conferences, workshops, and other best practices sharing, as well as development of joint policies and agreements on counterterrorism strategy.

Beginning in OctoberAhurastan has provided sporadic cross-border support to SAinsurgents operating in the border areas of Azerbaijan. Finish the draft Strategic Estimate.

Strategic Estimate Caucasus PowerPoint PPT Presentations

The United States should go on to use soft power attacks. This was a fundamentalist insurgent group whose goal is to overthrow the secular government in Baku. Based on the latest estimates, the Caspian Sea region has about 3 percent of the world's oil reserves compared to the North Sea with 2 percent and the Middle East with 65 percent and 4 percent of the world's gas reserves compared to the North Sea with 27 percent and the Middle East with 34 percent.

The Republic of Azerbaijan is go oning attempts to prolong and increase its economic growing by protecting proved oil militias from deep H2O Caspian Basin oilfields and procuring its conveyance to western markets.

Iran has lost control over much of its northern territory. At a minimum, your PowerPoint presentation should consist of 11 slides. Ahurastan engaged in negotiations with North Korea about securing atomic arms.

The resultant authoritarian but weak former Soviet satellite republics were still considered part of Russia's sphere of influence, but now Russia was only one among many competitors for influence in the new Central Asian states. Since the U.

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Turkey has requested proficient aid from the U. Cite your source using either footnotes or endnotes IAW the Turabian style of documentation; do not use parenthetical citations.

Regional Center for Strategic Studies

Most of the estimate is provided for you. Members of your planning group prepared a draft Strategic Estimate last night that was reviewed by the Chief of Staff. During battles with Abkhazian militia forces in the s, Georgia withdrew from the city of Sukhumi before facilities containing highly enriched uranium HEU could be secured.

The Caucasus References are the following: Russia has enforced a naval encirclement of all maritime traffic since October Therefore, the government went out of its way to support the sectors that it felt would be most vulnerable.

As a result, the Kingdom of Georgia collapsed into anarchy by and fragmented into three independent kingdoms and five semi-independent principalities.

Submit a slide packet that includes the following:. Update the Strategic Estimate for the Caucasus Region based on notional scenario events that have occurred up to December viii Faultlines of Conflict in Central Asia and the South Caucasus is a federally funded research and development center sponsored by the United States Army.

Recognition of regions strategic importance(Global energy corridor, key node on the NDN, interest for both Russia and Iran, regional instability Building the south.

Russian authorities estimate that of its citizens have joined ISIS in the Middle East; as of now, more ISIS members speak Russian than any other language, except Arabic and English.

At home, Putin responded to the threat by intensifying the regime’s oppression in the Caucasus. Update the Strategic Estimate for the Caucasus Region based on notional scenario events that have occurred up to December complete: the Regional Study on Ahurastan (slides 26 28), develop a third Option (slides 45 47), evaluate the third Option (slide 48), compare the Options (slide 49).

Estimate FY Request Amount % Staff 1 1, 1, 1, (7) partners that contribute to accomplishment of the “Regional Stability” strategic goal.

Acronyms are defined in the glossary at the back of this publication. Asia/Caucasus partners. NATO .

Regional strategic estimate caucasus
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